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Scarlett Custom Homes & Remodeling

Scarlett Custom Homes & Remodeling has been remodeling homes since 1986. We have completed simple projects like bathrooms and kitchens to extensive projects such as second story additions and complete home makeovers. Our projects can range in price from $20,000 to extensive remodels in the hundreds of thousands. We can help you navigate the entire process starting with design, financing, engineering, HOA approval, permits, product selection and completion of your project.

Since we take the time up front to visit your home with our subcontractors, we will give you a firm bid. We will present you a cost breakdown that will show you the costs of each category. Some companies will give you a “budget” and charge you as the job progresses. This usually ends with a big surprise at the end of the job when the final bills are presented. We can introduce you to interior designers to help you or direct you to product vendors that can work with you direct. We have established relationships and accounts with various suppliers around town to work with. When you purchase products through our vendors, we will give you our contractors price. Some companies will charge you retail and then add their builders fee on top of it.

Let us show you how we can turn your existing home into the home you have always dreamed of. If you would like a free evaluation of your project please give us a call. 

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