Shelter Homes

One of the safest places is underground. Whether it is a man-made or natural disaster, many factors are leading people to consider a short term or long term underground living space for their family. Scarlett Custom Homes provides confidential consultation and management of installation of survival shelters. Off the grid life support systems - air, water, septic, and power for the shelters can be maintained via green energy solutions. (see also Green tab)

Today’s shelters can be a far cry from the “fall-out bunkers” of the 50’s. They can be larger, stronger and more comfortable with bathroom and kitchen facilities. The approximate cost to add a shelter to a custom built home is $300 to $600 a square foot. (Prices may vary depending on individual needs and location*.) Entrances can be incorporated within the home or outside the home (after a site survey and soil test is complete for the best positioning) Scarlett Custom Homes is a master at integrating a hidden entrance for your below ground shelter with interiors feeling as comfortable as your home. Below are the types of shelters to be considered.

STEEL- Constructed with steel plate, these storm shelters are welded on all sides and are strong enough to withstand the toughest conditions. Each storm shelter has a thick layer of sealant applied and is the state-of-the-art protection for steel underground shelters to prevent corrosion due to external moisture and soil acidity. They can be equipped with all necessary features including NBC Filters*, blast doors* and ventilation systems* to weather any storm that may come your way. Some steel shelters will have bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms or any other amenity you may find in an above ground home.

One benefit of a steel shelter is it can be built off site. This allows you to install the unit in one day for added speed and privacy. You also do not need to pull a permit (check your local building department) which leaves no paper trail, if you wish to keep your shelter discreet. You can choose from various standard models or have one customized to fit your needs.

Scarlett Custom Homes has experience of integrating a home with a steel shelter. We will handle all necessary soils testing, surveying and engineering the home and foundation. We can design a hidden entrance from your home to your shelter and make your property look as if there is no shelter at all. A real challenge for most people is trying to coordinate their builder with the person supplying the shelter. Since most builders have no experience with this they tend to shy away from shelters or try to convince the homeowner that hiding in a closet or lying in a bath tub should keep them safe.

Underground concrete shelters can last for hundreds of years. They can be built with walls and ceilings of various thicknesses. Be aware of companies that want to build a standard basement and call it a shelter. We can install NBC filters, ventilation systems, blast doors to enhance your concrete shelter and design any lay out to fit your needs.

Scarlett Custom Homes can create a below ground theater room, game room or gym to double as your shelter. We can design various hidden closets for safety equipment or long term food and water rations with integrated water tanks, generators, propane tanks, solar energy, wind energy, septic systems and various electric/ communication into your shelter or home. We avoid the perception of all concrete underground shelters being wet, cold and musty with the proper design. With the correct use of gravel back fill, drain pipes, waterproofing, ventilation and pump systems your shelter will stay dry and comfortable.


  • NBC Filters- an air filtration system that protects any airborne toxins from entering the protected space
  • Blast Doors- shelter entrance who’s main purpose is to protect from shock wave and overpressure
  • Ventilation Blower Systems- an air pump capable of supplying adequate outdoor air through an air-intake pipe, a filter for moisture, and an air exhaust pipe.


Scarlett Custom Homes can add various shutter systems to your home that will add security, insulation and weather protection. These shutter systems can function manually or by motor. 
*Scarlett Custom Homes will consider all US locations for homes with shelter construction

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